topo ring dish/stand

Object : Design+Build : Detroit, MI : 2020

Arising from a need to store a few jewelry pieces in a single place with quick access, this dish/stand approaches a solution with mixed media exploration. 

The concept was born out of a vision to recreate a topography map as a functional scale model. The valleys at the base would serve as a dish to toss small jewelry items into, while the larger topographic peaks would be sized to fit rings around. The base was chosen to be made of wood for its prefab surface-flat structure that could easily be subtractively shaped with valleys and extrusions. The large peaks would most easily be made using an additive process—so a 3d printer was used to create these from the bottom up. A void inside the large peaks allows for a small LED to illuminate the stand.


*Further explorations are being undertaken to create molds from the 3d prints, and tested with other pliable materials to achieve the same function with a variable aesthetic.