bowl stand

Object : Design+Build : Detroit, MI : 2019

Standard​ pet bowls are sold individually and must be placed on the ground. In order to bring the bowls up to a proper eating/drinking level, a stand was fabricated to achieve a preferred height.

Fit to the specific diameter of the bowl, a cross brace was 3d printed to support the underside of the bowl. The brace then needed to be raised above the ground to create elevation for the bowls—so wood dowels were cut to size and used as legs. The cross bracing was designed to slip over the wood dowels and rest on rubber gaskets at the designated height. The wood dowels also serve as rails for the bowl so it does not move laterally and slide of.


*Further explorations are being undertaken to create molds from the 3d prints, and tested with other pliable materials to achieve the same function with a variable aesthetic.